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Filter Length 150mm and under

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  1. Sundance MicroClean I Disposable Filter

    Sundance MicroClean I Disposable Filter

    SKU: FR-SD130

    11 in stock

  2. (118mm) VIAN SC726 by Darlly

    (118mm) VIAN SC726 by Darlly

    SKU: FR-C4401-1

    4 in stock

  3. (90mm) Aquaspa Replacement Filter

    (90mm) Aquaspa Replacement Filter

    SKU: FR-AS803

    More than 100 in stock

  4. (101mm) C-4310 Replacement Filter (PAIR)

    (101mm) C-4310 Replacement Filter (PAIR)

    SKU: FR-C4310

    Available to order

  5. (102mm) Lay-Z-Spa Replacement Filter (PAIR) premium 2012
  6. (105mm) MSPA Replacement Filter (Pair)

    (105mm) MSPA Replacement Filter (Pair)


    80 in stock

  7. (118mm) C-4401 Replacement Filters (pair)

    (118mm) C-4401 Replacement Filters (pair)

    SKU: FR-C4401

    48 in stock

  8. (140mm) LAY Z SPA Replacement Filters (PAIR)
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8 Item(s)