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Waterway Style Fittings

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  1. 3/8 inch Wye Barb

    3/8 inch Wye Barb

    SKU: PL-10022

    74 in stock

  2. 3/8 inch Tee Barb

    3/8 inch Tee Barb

    SKU: PL-10019

    Available to order

  3. 3-eighth inch Socket Barb

    3-eighth inch Socket Barb

    SKU: PL-10004

    18 in stock

  4. 3-quarter inch Wye Barb

    3-quarter inch Wye Barb

    SKU: PL-10006

    Available to order

  5. 3-quarter inch Tee Barb (with 3/8 inch outlet)

    3-quarter inch Tee Barb (with 3/8 inch outlet)

    SKU: PL-10016

    Available to order

  6. 3-quarter inch Tee Barb

    3-quarter inch Tee Barb

    SKU: PL-10001

    More than 100 in stock

  7. 3-quarter inch Socket Barb

    3-quarter inch Socket Barb

    SKU: PL-10002

    Available to order

  8. 3-quarter inch Elbow Barb

    3-quarter inch Elbow Barb

    SKU: PL-10003

    Available to order

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8 Item(s)